ASI Industrial

Feed Milling

ASI Industrial has been recognized as a leader in feed mill design and construction for many years. Throughout our history we have built small, specialized feed mills and enormous commercialized feed mills. ASI Industrial builds with both steel or slip form concrete mills depending on which method provides the greatest benefit at the best value. ASI Industrial feed mills are used to feed swine, poultry, sheep, beef cattle, horses, rabbits and other livestock.

A swine feed mill in Texas and poultry feed mill in Utah are two noteworthy projects completed by ASI Industrial in the past few years. The first was a concrete feed mill built for a pork producing company. This mill included 75 nested concrete square bins, 150 ton per hour batching, nearly 90 ton per hour pelleting capacity, fully biosecure site, feeds an 80,000 sow swine operation (nearly 1,800,000 head annual production). The second mill featured a specialized mill for feeding a poultry layer operation in the deserts of Utah. This steel mill boasted only a few ingredients, but processed feed at nearly 60 ton per hour with a single point truck loading system. The customer required accuracy well under 1 pound increments, and the customer?s needs were met.

Project Examples