ASI Industrial

Our Services

ASI Industrial provides virtually every related service that can be found or thought of. Our primary goal on every project is to assist in the client’s success. To that end, ASI Industrial continues to engage in every feasible service necessary to ensure success.

On many of its projects, ASI Industrial takes on the responsibility of designing, programming and installing the automated control systems to run the facilities. ASI Industrial personnel provide this work and expertise – it is rare to find the process designer, builder, and programmer all rolled into one, and the benefits are obvious (we understand what needs to be accomplished.) Our programmers have utilized several of the different Programmable Logic Computer systems and man machine interfaces on the market today.

ASI Industrial construction crews perform as much work as possible. Typical areas of self performed work includes:

  • structural and non-structural concrete
  • steel erection
  • heavy rigging and lifting
  • millwright
  • pipe fitting
  • welding (structural and pipe)
  • painting
  • steel building erection

In almost every type of project, our team provides the basic facility and process design. All phases of engineering begin with the initial design phases. In some instances, the site layout and process design is extremely involved and complex, while at other times, the process design in very simple while the structural design is complex. In all cases, ASI Industrial relies on its experience and industry research to design the structures, process and overall plants with the greatest benefit for the customer.

Every project will require engineering regardless of whether ASI Industrial provides it or not. When requested, ASI Industrial provides mechanical, electrical, structural and HVAC engineering.

ASI Industrial provides preliminary designs and estimates customers with their feasibility studies. Additionally, ASI Industrial researches technical feasibilities for the project. Or in many cases we research the means and methods of the process to find the best and/or least cost method of meeting the project needs. We help with financial and business plan tasks for various projects, such as finding helping to find markets for products (in/out), as well as helping to develop cash flow models or reviewing the customers projected cash flow models. Nearly every project requires certain types of infrastructure, whether it is rail, roads, electricity, coal, natural gas, waste wood, biogas, etc; our team can help with ensuring those infrastructure demands can be met within the constraints of the project. Moreover, we can help get a project moving.

ASI Industrial operates a 15,000 square foot steel fabrication plant. The plant specializes in structural steel fabrication, conveying equipment fabrication, hoppers, non-pressure tanks, and other structural steel items for ASI Industrial projects.

Depending on the project, ASI Industrial can and has operated the plants it has constructed. Typically the operations contract spans several years. In lieu of ASI Industrial contracting the operations, ASI Industrial also offers in-depth training for the customer?s personnel.

ASI Industrial can provide process design from the most basic concept, such as receiving materials by rail and loading by truck,… to processes as complex and delicate as full scale ethanol models. The process design work by ASI Industrial includes things such as mass balance calculations, energy conservations and utilization rates, flow calculations, capacity requirements, and specifications for equipment to meet the needs of the process. As the process designer, ASI Industrial also involves itself heavily with the instrumentation of every plant; on most projects we take this one step further and provide the automated control system for the plant.

ASI Industrial holds type certificates for the manufacture of several scaling systems, including:

  • Bulk Weighing Systems
  • Batch Weighing Systems
  • Rail Scales
  • Truck Scales (various sizes and types)