ASI Industrial


Cogeneration plants have started dotting the countryside in response to the nation?s appetite for energy both for providing electricity to homes as well as to provide steam/electricity to industrial production plants of all natures. ASI Industrial has been involved in wood waste power plant projects as well as other fuel sources. Our crews and design team have taken on various stages of these projects, including demolition and relocations, new raw product storage system, raw product crushing prior to burn, refurbishing, product handling, etc.

A featured industry project undertaken by ASI Industrial involved a major expansion to an almost 100 MW cogeneration facility. This power plant burned petroleum coke, a waste product from the petroleum industry. ASI Industrial designed and constructed a large storage and crushing system for a different type of coke than the plant originally utilized. The project featured a 30,000 ton storage building, product dewatering design, crushing from 5″ to ?” minus, rail receiving, and all product conveying systems.

Project Examples